Sugar Coated Almonds 100g


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Sugar Coated Almonds 100g

Sugar Coated Almonds 100g

Are you a sweet tooth? Looking for something to take you down memory lane and experience the golden days?Traditional confectionery is a perfect way to satisfy that sweet lolly craving. The sugar hit is certainly perfect for kids and adults alike.

Most Importantly the high quality confectionery is ideal for many occasions and ages.  Add to our high quality grazing  boxes or grazing tables.   Add to a lolly buffet or sweet treat box. Our confectionery is Ideal for birthday parties, sharing with friends or movie nights. It will certainly make your day when you discover our range.

Offering a wide range of confectionary straight to your door anywhere in Australia. In addition our traditional lollies can be purchased in bulk amounts. See our bulk confectionery section for amounts 1kg and over.

Check out our other Traditional Confectionery on the website.

Ingredients list:

Sugar, Corn Starch, Roasted Almonds, Colour(104,122,124,133,171) Ethyl Vanillian

Packaging: Individually packed by Bridge Trophies in food safe cello bags.

Weight: Price per 100g.


Manufactured in Australia.



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